Limited Release: Manguava Sunrise | 16oz
Limited Release: Manguava Sunrise | 16oz
Limited Release: Manguava Sunrise | 16oz
Limited Release: Manguava Sunrise | 16oz

Limited Release: Manguava Sunrise | 16oz

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Orders placed PRIOR TO Sunday at 11:00PM PST are fulfilled and will be sent out on Monday from our HQ in San Luis Obispo, CA. Orders placed after AFTER Sunday at 11:00PM PST will be sent out on the Monday of the following week. Most orders tend to arrive within 2-3 days of shipping. Our delivery dates are only estimates and are not guaranteed. Freshness is our top priority which is why we only ship out on Mondays to ensure that packages don't get held up on the weekends in transfer warehouses.


Flavor Notes:

Manguava Sunrise (Limited Release): All the tropical goodness you’ve come to expect with our delightfully refreshing Manguava kombucha with an added kick of intense citrus. Enjoy from sunrise to sunrise and anytime in between.


Reverse osmosis water, Kombucha culture, organic cane sugar, organic guava, organic mango, organic flowery orange pekoe black tea, organic hibiscus, organic essential oils (blood orange, lemon, and lime), organic lemon myrtle, pink Himalayan salt.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Best whalebird kombucha I’ve had so far

I’ve tried almost all the flavors and this has been the best one I’ve had so far. Wish we could set up a recurring subscription for it

I'm so happy that you enjoyed our new flavor, Christian! A lot of us here at the brewery are really loving it too - hopefully we can do more runs of Manguava Sunrise in the future! Stay rad & thank you for the feedback, -Hannah

Loved it

I loved the new limited release manguava sunrise...I will definitely order more. One of my favorites...

I'm so happy to hear that you loved our new Manguava Sunrise flavor, Valerie! It's also one of my new favorite kombuchas that we have here at the brewery :) Stay rad! -Hannah

Manguava 2.0

Wow... this seasonal offering should be apart of the main lineup from Whalebird. This version of Manguava is by far the best, it's balanced and does not have over powering elements and that citrus...really amps up what in my opinion was a bit sweeter kombucha than I'd prefer.

Thank you so much for the wonderful comments, Nick! This Manguava 2.0 is definitely has some killer flavor to it. Manguava certainly is one of our sweeter kombuchas, but it's fun to treat yourself every once in a while, especially with a special edition flavor like this. Stay rad, Nick! -Hannah

The best flavor of all time.

For the love of God please make this full time! It’s legitimately the best kombucha I’ve ever had. It has all the right flavors that hit you in all the right places.

Please keep it forever!

I'm right there with you, Brian! I'm definitely advocating for more runs of Manguava Sunrise in the future - it's too good of a flavor to give up. Stay rad! -Hannah